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Becorrect Grammar Checker FAQ

What is Becorrect?

Becorrect is an online grammar checker that helps you write in English without mistakes. Your texts are automatically checked by our engine based on artificial intelligence. Compared to other similar tools, we detect the most mistakes, while keeping very good accuracy.

What types of mistakes are detected?

Becorrect finds grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in English texts. For example, it can help you with:

  • incorrect tense usage,
  • preposition errors (using the wrong preposition, skipping a preposition or adding an unnecessary preposition),
  • determiner errors (when to use "a", "an", "the" or no determiner),
  • subject-verb agreement errors,
  • wrong word usage (for example, using a word that is pronounced similarly to the expected one),
  • pronoun usage (for example, using "my" instead of "me"),
  • missing or unnecessary commas,
  • and dozens of other error types!

We focused on the needs of English as a Second Language learners, but Becorrect is also useful for native speakers.

Can Becorrect find every single mistake in my text?

We aim to show you suggestions only when we are more than 90% certain that a given phrase or sentence is incorrect. We do not yet find every possible mistake, but the engine is updated every week with improved models and new language rules.

Can I use Becorrect for free?

Yes, the beta version of Becorrect is free to use. Please note that we store the uploaded texts and you give us the right to use them to improve the service and for other purposes detailed in the privacy policy.

How does the Becorrect engine work?

To check your English text, Becorrect splits it into words and sentences. It then assigns parts of speech and grammar structure dependencies. Machine learning models suggest replacements for wrongly used words. Their output is based on features derived from word context. A language neural model analyses raw text and builds an internal representation. This representation is used as an input for classifiers trained to detect and correct specific types of errors (for example, articles or prepositions). The results are augmented with rules written by expert linguists to give you the highest quality suggestions possible.

Does Becorrect distinguish between British English, American English, and other varieties?

To make it easier to use, Becorrect accepts both British and American spelling. Internally we distinguish between these two varieties. We plan to introduce a setting which will allow you to choose which variety you use.

Can Becorrect check texts in languages other than English?

When developing Becorrect, we focused on English, as it has over 300 million native speakers and an estimated over 1 billion people learning it. But the engine is prepared for internationalization and it will be adopted to check other languages in the future.

Who created Becorrect?

Becorrect was created by LangMedia Sp. z o.o. based in Wroclaw, Poland. We also created, the largest and most popular English-Polish dictionary, and, an online English course. Our websites are used by millions of people every month. The company's mission is to build tools that help people learn and use English in a connected world.

By using Becorrect, you agree to our Privacy policy and the use of cookies. We store and analyze uploaded texts to improve the service.