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What is Becorrect?

Becorrect is an online grammar checker that helps you write in English without mistakes. Your texts are automatically checked by our engine based on artificial intelligence. Compared to other similar tools, we detect the largest number of mistakes, while keeping very good accuracy.

What types of mistakes are detected?

Becorrect detects grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors in texts written in English. For example, it can help you when:

  • you use a grammatical tense incorrectly,
  • there appear preposition-related errors (i.e., when you use the wrong preposition, omit the necessary preposition or add it unnecessarily),
  • there appear article-related errors (Becorrect will tell you when to use "a", "an", "the" or when not to use an article at all),
  • the subject of your sentence does not grammatically agree with the verb,
  • you use the wrong word (for example, when you use a word that sounds similar but means something different),
  • you use the wrong pronoun (for example, when you use "my" instead of "me"),
  • your text is missing commas or there are too many of them,
  • and also when many other types of errors appear!

We focused on the needs of English as a Second Language Learners, but Becorrect is also useful for native speakers.

Can Becorrect find every single mistake in my text?

We aim to show you suggestions only when we’re more than 90% sure that a given phrase or sentence is incorrect. Nie znajdujemy jeszcze wszystkich możliwych błędów, ale program jest aktualizowany co tydzień o ulepszone modele i nowe reguły językowe.

How does the Becorrect engine work?

In order to check an English text, Becorrect breaks it down into words and sentences. Then it determines the parts of speech and grammatical dependencies. The most important element of the text-checking engine is the language model. Its structure is based on neural networks, and the essence of its operation is acquiring knowledge about the language. The process of gaining knowledge by the model is multi-stage and is called training. In the initial phase of training, the model learns the general rules of the language, and in the later stages, it learns to detect and correct linguistic errors. The results of the trained model are enhanced with rules written by expert linguists to provide the highest possible quality of suggestions.

Does Becorrect distinguish between British English, American English, and other varieties?

To make it easier to use, Becorrect accepts both British and American spelling. Internally, we distinguish between these two varieties. We’re planning to introduce a setting which will allow you to choose a variety you use.

Can Becorrect check texts in languages other than English?

When developing Becorrect, we focused on English, as it has over 300 million native speakers and an estimated over 1 billion people learning it. But the engine is prepared for internationalization, and it will be adapted to check other languages in the future.

Who created Becorrect?

Becorrect was created by LangMedia Sp. z o.o. based in Wroclaw, Poland. We are also the creators of, the largest English-Polish dictionary and the English course. Our websites are used by millions of people every month. The company's mission is to build tools that help people learn and use English in a connected world.

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